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Brigits_Flame week two: Fading Away

Title: Fading Away
Prompt: The Journey Doesn't End Here...
For: [info]brigits_flame 
Rating: PG
Genre: Fiction
Word Count: 658
Warnings: No warnings

Fading AwayCollapse )

Brigits_Flame week one: Crazy?

Title: Crazy
Prompt: We're the lunatics
For: [info]brigits_flame 
Rating: 15
Genre: Fiction
Word Count: 310
Warnings: May not make a lot of sense.
A/N: Written with little time to spare, expect errors!

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Mission 101 - third attempt

So for the third time I'm restarting this and this time I'll complete it. :) Some of the goals have already been started, it makes sense to keep the progress.

The Mission: Complete 101 present tasks in a period of 1001 days. The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part). Cross them off as you do them, and add the dates. Include the date you started the list and the finishing date.

Start date: June 2nd 2012
End date: February 28th 2015

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The Diversion

The story I wrote for class this week had to incorporate either the beginning or an ending of  an already pulished short story. I choose 'The Sniper' by Liam O'Flaherty.
It was actually quite a challenge; trying to keep with the original voice, style and theme was a lot harder than I initially thought!
The ending I choose starts at 'When the sniper reached the laneway...' everything up to this point is my own work.
The original story can be found here.
Hope you enjoy!

The DiversionCollapse )


I wrote this last week in response to modernising a King Arthur tale. I prefer this story than any other I've written whilst taking the course, although it was probably the hardest task!

The historical element in the middle is all fact apart from there being a statue of James 1st, this is made up to suit my own purpose :)

DeceptionCollapse )


This is the second story I wrote for class. The theme was to write a story following the conventions of the horror or ghost genre. As I have never really written either, I decided to focus more on the presentation to help to strengthen the piece. Originally each line was shorter than the previous from start to finish, but the computers at uni (and apparently LiveJournal) don't like me, so it is the way it is.
I wrote it in such a way to create an element of fear and a countdown to death. The words are also fragmented which quickens the pace whilst adding a poetic feel.  FearCollapse )

A Painful Beauty

This is the first piece of fiction I wrote for the Writing Short Stories module I take at Uni.
There wasn't a brief or prompt for the peice so it's pretty random. A Painful BeautyCollapse )


Just because it's been a while. :)

Brigits_Flame Week One: Directions

Title: Directions
Prompt: Coast
For: brigits_flame 
Rating: PG
Genre: Fiction
Word Count: 380
AN: Unbetaed, it is bound to have errors!

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